Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage 

Swedich Masage is a Body relaxing massage combines the advantages of classic and energy massage. It is performed with slow, delicate movement, causing anti-stress and calming effects. It allows you to get rid of tension. It is recommended particularly after prolonged physical and mental effort. It promotes the revitalisation of forces and eliminates the adverse effects of stress.

Deep tissue massage 

Deep Tissue Massage is a kind of therapy that aims to restore the proper condition of tissues (tension, elasticity), primarily muscles. The main focus of deep tissue massage is based on the fascia.

Because adhesions (painful and rigid strands) appear due to micro-injuries or chronic tensions in soft tissues, which can occur in various structures (muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons), one of the main benefits of deep massage is their elimination. Adhesions can interfere with normal blood flow, cause pain, reduce mobility or cause chronic inflammation. A deep massage performed for this purpose serves to extend, relax and remove connective tissue adhesions.

Massage techniques are performed very slowly and precisely (depending on the tissue condition) and allow a physiological tissue response (musculoskeletal relaxation). Deep massage can be used on people of all ages. The masseuse uses elbows, forearms, and fingers without exerting much pressure on the patient’s body. The desired effects of deep tissue massage are to reduce pain, improve muscle efficiency and efficiency, restore the correct body posture, and improve freedom and fluidity of movements.

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