Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy ???

Craniosacral therapy works according to the rhythm of the fluid that is fluctuating from the very top – from the dura mater system – to all cells of our body. For this reason, craniosacral therapy is referred to in the context of the therapy of the whole organism, not only the skull. The skull collects all the tensions that “flow” from various parts of the human body. Like breathing and heartbeat, the craniosacral rhythm can be felt all over the body. By placing our hands on the selected area, we can sense disturbances in the craniosacral rhythm, find functional and pathological changes in the human body, and then cause the rhythm to slow down or accelerate to normalize its work.  The touch we’re talking about is minimal – it is assumed to be around 5 grams. It is a pressure, similar to the force we need to carry a dollar. And although it may seem that such a delicate contact has little effect, quite the opposite is true. The fascia and nervous system respond very well and efficiently.

How does it work, what does it help with, and who can benefit the most from it?

Safe for pregnant women, newborns and the elderly. It works very gently and subtle, and at the same time, is effective and brings excellent results. It helps with traumas or tensions and balances the function of many organs. 

What are the objectives of Craniosacral therapy ???

  • balance the cerebrospinal fluid circulation,
  • assessing, if there are any restrictions in the sutures and restoring the mobility of the skull bones,
  • improving the mobility and condition of the central nervous system (the nervous system is affected by the tension of the connective tissue structures in the head),
  • loosening the fascia, which together with the ligaments form a kinematic chain. This applies to both the longitudinal fascia in the body and the transverse membranes in the vicinity of the pelvis, diaphragm, upper thoracic opening and the occipital-cervical transition. Fascias are also located in our legs (at the level of the knees and ankles), hands, the larynx, the base of the skull and around the eyes.

Indications for craniosacral therapy ???

  • headaches and recurring migraines,
  • back
  • pain,
    pains of unknown origin,
  • menstrual disorders and pain before menstruation,
  • scoliosis and posture defects,
  • hyperactivity in children,
  • concentration disorders in children and adults,
  • sleeping disorders,
  • depression
  • conditions such as dyslexia, tics, stuttering,
  • traumas related to a difficult childbirth,
  • perinatal and developmental defects of children (increased, decreased muscle tone, torticollis),
  • autism,
  • children’s difficulties in learning and with features of mental retardation,
  • allergies,
  • food intolerances

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