Rolfing, or structural integration (SI) – is a method developed by Dr Ida Rolf, which aims to organize the human body to the force of gravity. It is an effective and universal technique that works with the fascial system. What distinguishes rolfing from other somatic activities is that physical balance, fluidity and freedom of movement, and general well-being require proper adaptation to the gravitational field. Structural integration aims to lengthen, stretch and soften the connective tissues so that, taking into account the principles of biomechanics and individually presented by the patient postural patterns, balance the tensions of the tensegrative system of the body, restore the ability to move and let the patient feel free in the body.

How does it work ?

Therapists working with this method deals with the whole person holistically, guided not only by the suggestions of patients and the description of their ailments. This method effectively helps in chronic spinal pains, lower back problems, ribs and shoulders ache, tension and restrictions in breathing, neck stiffness, sciatica, rehabilitation after injuries, and restricted joint mobility. It will also work in reducing excessive stress and chronic fatigue.
The strategy of a single session and an entire series is chosen to balance the positioning of the body segments.


Rolfing – therapy 

A typical series of Rolfing consists of ten sessions lasting from an hour to one and a half, with weekly breaks between sessions. The session plan is thought out in such a way as to fully and comprehensively achieve the integration of the whole organism.
After the 10th session, you can expect that new movement possibilities will appear with the release of tissue restrictions and the accompanying pain. You will feel more lightness and freedom in your body, your silhouette will change visibly and your way of moving. Your body awareness grows from session to session, a better understanding of how you can use your body effortlessly, more economically in your daily activities.
A relaxed body and mind allow you to experience a sense of freedom, openness and flexibility more deeply, not only physically by relieving tension, restriction and pain, but also mentally and emotionally, increasing self-awareness and better preparing for the following challenges of life.
Rolfing helps people in the psychotherapeutic process find a direct connection between what the body “says” and the emotions that arise. It helps to deepen the practice of meditation, yoga, tai-chi or other disciplines related to the work of the body and mind, such as dancers or athletes.

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