Indian Head Massage  


In ancient times, Indian head massage was used not only by females as a perfect way for healthy, strong hair but also as one of the healing methods used in traditional Indian folk medicine. Therefore, this type of massage is very beneficial for people suffering from headaches of all origins, stress, tension in the neck and shoulders, and tiredness of the eyes for all people deprived of energy and vitality. This seemingly simple head massage action is enough to stimulate the essential body organs and cause well-being. Technically, Hindu head massage is not soft but relaxing and stimulating. No wonder Ayurvedic healing from a thousand years ago is becoming increasingly popular in the West. This message achieves physical harmony, healing, vitality and relaxation. 

Let us specify the advantages and benefits of Hindu head massage:

– relaxes the muscles of the skull,
– soothes the tension accumulated within the shoulders, neck and head,
– strengthens the scalp and improves its colour,
– strengthens the hair follicles, activates the growth of new hair (baby hair),
– activates the process of oxidation of the brain,
  calms down, calms down, relaxes,
– improves skin tone,
– optimizes cardiovascular performance,
– improves lymph flow, which accelerates the removal of toxins and excess fluids accumulated in the body,
– reduces and reduces mimic wrinkles,
– inhibits hair loss,
– soothes headaches, migraines and noise in the ears,
– stimulates an increase in the level of attention concentration,
– helps in the fight against insomnia.

In addition to the series of these healing properties, the Indian head massage is created for people struggling with poor mental states, depressive states, depression and fears of various origins. It was not without reason that it was also used in Hindu religious rites to release the soul and body from all worries and evil spirits. The treatment allows you to eliminate accumulated stress and tension. It introduces deep relaxation and relaxation. By getting rid of the body and mind of negative emotions, we have increased self-esteem and new energy for action. After the massage, we will come out with a “pure” mind, free from all worries and frustration.


Contraindications to the procedure include:

– Pregnancy (and trimester),
– fever,
– viral and bacterial infection,
– eczema, dermatitis,
– damage to the scalp, neck and shoulders.


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